Get Your Skin Ready For Fall

Summer has gone and so have the days of oily skin. Let Lily Laser and Beauty help you to get your skin ready for fall.

1. Drink Plenty of Water- Recent research and studies have shown the importance of water in the skin. When skin cells divide, repair, or any biochemical reaction it all takes place in the presence of water. If there is not enough water present in the skin these biochemical reactions in the cells do not take place properly. Water not only acts a solvent but helps to aid in energy production within the cell. When you have good energy production the cells repair themselves better.

2. Wear Sunscreen Everyday: Sunscreen is the most important step in any skin care routine. Also, with the increase in skin cancer among adults it is important to protect your skin from UVA/UVB rays. The look of the skin will improve as well, since it will have a chance to heal and repair itself rather than fighting off the suns harmful rays. Try our Christina SPF 30 Moisturizer/Sunscreen for only $28

3. Get Into a Facial Routine: Our Unstress Facial is perfect for the cold days when our skin is vulnerable to dryness and irritation. This 9 step facial uses active ingredients such as powerful antioxidants, immune strengthening peptides, and hydrating/calming agents to detoxify, de-stress, and protect the skin. Book Your Appointment Now

4. Be Sure To Have A Good Home-Care Routine: Not only should you come in for a facial for maintenance but also continue the results at home. For Instance, in exercise if you see a personal trainer once a month are you not expected to work out on your own in between visits? The same goes for the skin, here at Lily Laser and Beauty we sell only the best quality professional skin care products. Unstress home care products such as our Pro-biotic Day Cream w/SPF 12, or our Harmonizing Night Cream can help to maintain the results of your facial for longer and protect your skin form the harsh winter/fall days.

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Unstress- Natural Defying treatment for stressed skin

Unstress is a unique treatment that soothes and prevents stress-induced skin irritation, itching and inflammation. Unstress utilizes clinically proven bioactive agents to provide DNA and cell membrane protection, reducing skin vulnerability and healing stress induced damage.

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