Online Bargain Shoppers Beware Off Knock Off Products

Here at Lily Laser and Beauty in Collegeville, PA we care about our customers skin and over all well being. So when we heard about the issue of "Knock Off" skin care products and make up we wanted to share this information with you for your safety.

When I heard about this issue I did some research from our manufactures that we use here at Lily Laser and Beauty. Many of them shared with me that they spend a lot of money and energy focused on finding manufacturers who try to duplicate their products and have duplicated their products online and sold them. Many of our professional retailers are not Public and some do not even allow certified retailers to sell their product online. Many of the the "knock off" manufacturers are using cheaper ingredients and some containing high contents of lead.

Many of you are now questioning how can I know if something is real? Well many product companies have a list on their website of authorized retailers. You can enter your zip code and select any authorized retailer in your area.

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