Pain-FREE Laser Hair Removal? How Can It Be?

If you’ve ever gotten a bikini wax or a leg wax, you’re in touch with a certain level of pain! In fact most traditional laser hair removal companies are happy that waxing is painful!

If waxing is painful, then all potential laser hair removal patients will be accustomed to pain. Yes, traditional laser hair removal techniques are very painful! If you’ve ever had a really thick rubber band snapped on your skin, then you know what traditional laser hair removal feels like! Now, imagine that sensation all over your legs or bikini area for an hour or more, every month for 6 months. OUCH! Yet many people endure this level of pain for hair removal.


NO MORE! Lily Laser and Beauty has an PAIN-FREE laser.

While traditional laser hair removal has the reputation of being uncomfortable, the Soprano Laser by Alma eliminates that reputation and delivers a virtually – PAIN FREE treatment.

Soprano Laser by Alma is the gold standard in Laser Hair Removal. It’s very different from traditional laser hair removal in the manner in which it works! Other lasers require the operator to apply the laser hand piece to the skin, fire the laser; the patient has to endure a harsh, hot snapping sensation as if being stung by a rubber band. With Alma’s Soprano Laser the hand piece gently glides over the surface of the skin, gradually heating the hair follicles as opposed to the snapping sensation, facilitating a virtually PAIN-FREE treatment.

What areas of the body can be treated with laser hair removal?

Our laser treats all areas of the body.
Most Popular For Women:


Most Popular for Men:


What should I do to prepare?
Clients should shave all hair the day before the treatment so there is no hair growth above the skin. The laser’s energy will penetrate inside and destroy the hair follicle. If patients have hair outside there is a great risk of skin irritation, redness, because the hair outside will get hot and will heat the skin.

It can be used on patients with darker skin tones and it’s FDA cleared to treat all skin types – even tan skin. So here at Lily Laser, we can do laser hair removal all year long. While others have to discontinue treatments in the summer time when patients can potentially have a sun tan.

Another wonderful benefit of the Alma Soprano Hair Removal Laser is the in-motion technology and speed technique allowing Lily Laser & Beauty to provide a virtually painless hair removal treatment that’s much faster than conventional laser hair removal treatments.

If you’d like to book an appointment for PAIN-FREE Laser Hair Removal, call 610-489-6148 or book online.

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