Skin Resurfacing That’s Relaxing!


When you hear the word microdermabrasion facial, your mind doesn’t rush right to, “ahhhh, this is going to be so relaxing, I’ll fall asleep.” Instead, you are more likely to brace yourself for some undetermined amount of pain that you’ll have to endure, allowing the phrase, “pretty hurts” to ring true.

This is not the case for the Lily Laser & Beauty Facial. I had to fight to stay awake during the massage portions. The facial included a rhythmic massage of my face, neck and shoulders with the most delicious smelling organic massage oil. Then I had the chance to bliss out one more time while my hands and arms were massaged during wonderfully fragrant organic facial mask.

While it felt wonderful, and yes, everyone wants to “feel” relaxed during a spa treatment. The ultimate goal of any skincare treatment is to turn back the hands of time and help to fight pre-mature aging!

This complete facial includes:

  • A skin analysis
  • Cleansing
  • Light Papaya peel to loosen all the dead cells
  • 3 passes of diamond tip microdermabrasion. Facial, neck and shoulder massage
  • Organic rejuvenating mask
  • Rejuvenating serum application
  • Day cream with SPF application

Each pass of the microdermabrasion had a new and specific solution misted onto my skin in order to help increase the efficacy of the swirling diamond tip whisking across my skin, suctioning away all of the dead skin cells and surface debris. Each pass of the diamond tip helped to bring new, fresh skin cells to the surface.

With new, living cells on the skin’s surface the skin reflects light creating a healthy luminescence that is indicative of youthful skin.

With less dead skin cells on the surface, the skin’s surface is:

  • Smoother
  • The appearance of fine lines is diminished.
  • The skin’s tone becomes more even as the hyper pigmentation or spots on the skin’s surface are removed as the dead skin cells are suctioned away with the passes of the microdermabrasion.

    The passes of the microdermabrasion have virtually no discomfort at all! Which is utterly surprising because when I looked in the mirror after the facial, my skin was glowing and the fine lines around my eyes were diminished. I was thrilled with the entire treatment.

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