What is the hottest trend in skin care for 2014?

There are 4 amazing breakthroughs in Skin Care for 2014 that are on Trend. They are :
1. Peptides
2. Aminobutyric Acid
3. CC Cream
4. Ultherapy

1. What is a Peptide? How do they help my skin? Peptides are a close relative to protein and contain a long chain of amino acids and are in every living cell in the skin. The amino acids chains in peptides can break up in to even smaller chains of amino acids to send many signals to the cells when there is a problem such as loss of collagen, sun damage, and/or lack of hydration. In shorter terms, Peptides are a synthetic protein responsible for communicating to the cells to produce more collagen and elastin, reverse sun damage, and/or hydrate the skin. Lastly, Peptides are small and since as stated above can break down to be even smaller they penetrate into the skin very well giving great results. Many of our products her at Lily Laser and Beauty have peptides in them like our Forever Young Absolute Fix, Unstress Absolute Relaxer, Dermaheal Total Care Solution, Dermaheal Sunblock with SPF and, Dermaheal CC Cream with SPF.

2. What is Aminobutyric Acid? In simple terms Aminobutyric Acid is snake venom which is responsile for blocking electrical signal transmissions path between nerve ending and facial muscles to minimize fine lines and wrinkles cause by personal and environmental stress. A great way to remember it is Non-Toxic Botox. This ingredient is great for those who want to get rid of wrinkles but do not want to do injections or for those who do injections this cream will help the botox last longer up to a month if used daily. We carry 2 products with this ingredient plus both products have Peptides and Anti-Oxidants for even better results and protection! They are Forever Young Absolute Fix and Unstress Absolute Relaxer.

3. CC Creams are SPF, Cover Up, Hydration and Brightening all in one product! This is a perfect product for those who are busy and want just one simple step in their routine. Our Dermaheal CC Cream contains those wonderful peptides as well!

4. Ultherapy is an ultrasound treatment that has an FDA indication to lift skin tissue. This treatment has been featured on many news networks and talk shows such as 20/20 and The View. Many people are doing this treatment as an alternative to a face lift because it is not painful and there is no downtime. Check out Ultherapy on The View:

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