What is the TRUTH about stains on your teeth?

Most of us believe that stains are due to things we eat or drink and even from lack of daily maintenance. All things we could avoid! However, regular stains are something non of us can truly avoid, because it comes with age and its something we have to fix and maintain over time, similar with wrinkles in our skin. The truth about stains is, with age, our enamel wears off, which exposes the dentin. Dentin has a natural yellowish tint, which makes our teeth appear stained. Although things like smoking, drinking red wine, coffee, or tea, eating blue or black berries, do not help and can worsen stains, it is not the only cause for our discolored teeth.

So how can we protect our teeth and improve our smile? Below are some ideas to help maintain a pearly white smile.

  • Use a specific toothpaste with whitening/brightening elements
  • Drink coffee/tea with a straw (but be careful its not too hot)
  • Try old age remedies such as, eating apples, celery, or carrots to help increase saliva, which helps to wash away debris.
  • Visit us, at Lily Laser & Beauty, for ONLY $69, we can whiten your teeth (2-6 shades in one 20 minute session)

If you have any additional questions about Teeth Whitening at Lily Laser & Beauty, just call (610) 489-6148 and ask for Julie (Teeth Whitening Specialist) and she will help answer all of your questions.

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