Laser Hair Removal Prices and FAQ






Pain Free Laser Hair Removal



- Is the laser really pain free?

The answer is yes!  The laser we use is an in-motion technology laser so we gradually heat the hair follicles which is what makes it PAIN FREE.

- Is Laser Hair Removal for  Permanent hair reduction?


The answer is yes. The hair roots we have "killed" will not grow back. However, you have on your body "sleepy hair roots" that have never had a hair in your whole life or been active. Hormonal changes in the body can cause the "sleepy hair roots" to become active which is why people if they get new growth in an area sometimes feel it is not permanent. Hormonal changes that can cause the "sleepy hair roots" to become active are pregnancy, birth control, and menopause to name a few.


- How Many Sessions will i need?


The answer is at least 6. As mentioned above, you have active hair follicles and "sleepy" hair follicles and it takes a few sessions to kill all of them as they become active.  Some people have more active hair follicles than others, so it may take more sessions to kill all of them.


- How often do I need to come in? 


The answer is once per month in the beginning.  As you progress in treatments, the time in between hair growth will be prolonged due to the decrease of new follicles becoming active.

- Can you do laser hair removal in the summer if you are tan or your skin color is dark? 


We have the latest laser technology available in the market today. With this technology we are able to treat darker skin colors as well as continue your treatments even when you have a tan. Older lasers use a wavelength called Intense Pulse Light (IPL) which is a broad spectrum light. This light is attracted to pigmentation whether it be the hair or on the skin. In the end, these lasers not only heat up the hair follicle but the skin as well and cannot decipher the pigmentation between the skin and the hair. When it heats up both the skin and the hair the result is more pain and a high risk of burning.


- How does our Laser, The Soprano XLI work?


The laser we have here at Lily Laser and Beauty is the Soprano XLI diode laser. A diode laser is a single wavelength of light. With a single wavelength laser the light heats up the darker of the two pigments and really focuses and targets the hair. In other words, as long as the hair is darker than the skin the laser will just heat up the hair. The other thing that makes our laser unique and special is that it uses in-motion technology gradually heating up the hair follicle resulting in a virtually painless and safe treatment.

 1. Will It Hurt?
No! We use the PAIN-FREE Laser Hair Removal system. Rather than Intense bursts of light that feel a rubber band being snapped on the skin, our laser uses a lower setting on a continuous stream that makes the entire experience more comfortable.

2. Will I See Instant Results?
You can. There have been cases where patients have experienced immediate hair loss. Others have seen it take up to two weeks for hair to fall off. The process of our PAIN-FREE Laser is to send bursts of energy into the follicle that eliminates the hair’s blood supply, disabling the follicle. If there is a single hair in the follicle that is above the surface it will fall off right away, any additional hairs in the follicle that have not grown above the surface will take a few additional days to fall off.

3. What areas of the body can be treated with laser hair removal?

Our laser treats all areas of the body.

Most Popular For Women:

-  Legs

- Bikini

- Face

- Underarms

- Arms

Most Popular for Men:

- Back

- Neck and  Back–Of-The-Neck

- Chest

- Stomach

4. What should I do to prepare?
Clients should shave all hair the day before the treatment so there is no hair growth above the skin. The laser’s energy will penetrate inside and destroy the hair follicle. If patients have hair outside there is a great risk of skin irritation, redness, because the hair outside will get hot and will heat the skin.



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