LED Light Therapy

The Bio-Synthesis LED System

helps to improve the appearance of skin with specialized products and light activated technology. This allows for the freedom to attain skin care goals NATURALLY. Lights ranging from red, yellow, green, and blue (640nm to 470nm) light. The Bio-Synthesis also comes complete with a specific product system to enhance LED applications as well as maintains firmer younger looking skin when used weekly.

LED Light Options:

Age Defying Chromatic Facial
Hydrating Chromatic Facial
Pigment Minimizing Chromatic Facial
Acne Control Chromatic Facial
Anti-Inflammatory Chromatic Facial
Photo-Damaged Chromatic Facial
Post Laser Chromatic Facial 

What It Does: LED light activates the Mitochondria in the skin cells. Mitochondria also known as the "power plant" of the cell play a key role in the skin cell growth and control the skin cell cycle. Once the Mitochondria is activated ATP is produced which then initiates collagen and elastin production and creates healthy new skin cells. Different colors of light help to initiate different improvements in the skin. For example, blue light kills the p. acne bacteria and shrinks the oil glands in the skin while red light boost collagen and elastin, reduces inflammation, and heals and repairs the skin. LED light can be done weekly or twice a week. It is recommended that in order to see results you do it once a week for 4 to 10 sessions for 20 minutes per session.

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