Prenatal Massage

A modified therapeutic massage technique that provides deep relaxation. This massage improves skin's elasticity, reduces physical discomfort and the woman is positioned on her side and additional support is provided to accommodate her needs. Prenatal massage is only offered for those in the second and third trimester of their pregnancy. It is not recommended to women in their first trimester (0-13 weeks) because it can be unsafe. I will not massage during the first trimester. Please let me know when you book your massage where you are in your pregnancy. Your safety and the safety of your child are my first concern. I recommend a Reiki treatment to those who need a stress reducing treatment during this time.

Myofascial Release Massage

This safe and gentle technique applies sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue to eliminate pain and restore movement. Myofascial massage is a slow, gentle, and mindful technique with subtle pressure; this approach works "with" the client and not "on" the client. The intent of this technique is to provide real and long lasting tissues changes to benefit the client's well being. Myofascial massage and release works at the cellular memory level and creates a healthy mind, body and spirit connection. 

MoroccanOil Ritual

This intense hydrating and exfoliating body treatment will rejuvenate, hydrate, and renew your skin.This 60 minute treatment includes a full body dry brush exfoliation and application of the warmed Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Treatment onto the skin.Then the Moroccanoil Body Buff Exfoliant is applied to further soften the skin, hands, and feet before a soothing Moroccanoil hair and scalp massage is performed.

Reflexology Massage

A healing art using reflex points on the feet that correspond to the systems and organs of the body. You will find balance is restored not only to the specific body part but to the entire physical body.

Reiki Massage

Reiki Treatments are a great way to relax and promote your body's natural healing. The practitioner will begin the Reiki session by gently laying their hands on the client. The gentle healing energy of Reiki will work on a physical, mental/emotional or a spiritual need.

Swedish Massage

This soothing overall body massage uses various strokes to warm up and work the muscle tissue. Improved circulation, breathing, deep relaxation and release of muscle tension are just a few of the benefits of this massage technique.

Deep Tissue Massage

This more focused type of massage uses deep pressure and strokes to target problem areas. Techniques such as cross fiber friction and trigger point therapy are applied to penetrate tight muscles and release knots.

Massage Prices

Swedish Massage

30 min:  $45     60 min: $85     90 min: $125


Deep Tissue Massage

30 min: $50     60 min: $90     90 min: $130


Prenatal Massage

30 min: $50     60 min: $90     90 min: $130



30 min: $45     60 min: $85     90 min: $125


Raindrop Therapy Treatment




$5 per Oil Selection

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